Age Appropriate Dressing

Well I hope that everyone had a good weekend. I know I did catching up on the washing, ironing and household chores LOL. But I did find time to do some blogg reading. I was quite fascinated with one that was from a woman who is 60yrs+ and who claims that she dresses in mini dresses and small tops because her body shape had allowed for her to do this. She had been quite frustrated with those who have told her to grow up and to dress more to her own age.
Responding to her posting, I had simply stated that life was too short to worry about what others think and to be true to thy own. I grew up in an era where we were taught that it was what is on the inside that matters, not how a person looks. Myself I live by the old adage of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.’ Speaking for myself, if I could get away with wearing such clothes, I would be wearing them too. I also wondered about the age discrimination factor. How many times have I seen a rather plumpish young girl in a tight fitting top and mini skirt or a young girl dressed in clothing that makes her resemble a hooker or a pole dancer. I ask is this discrimination too? I would have to say yes. This prompts me to also ask, do men judge each other the same way as women? All I know is that the female race is very hard on themselves whether this is taught by our parents or out of fear of not meeting other peoples expectations.

thats me for now


This is a must have 1970’s vintage glomesh metalic top. Fully lined, lilac colour. Neckline scowl with leather straps. Laces up at the back and criss crosses across. Looks stunning with jeans and metalic shoes.

Price:- $15.00 plus P+H     method:- money order, bank cheque, bank deposit, paypal

enquiries:- ray.fibi@hotmail.com

Maternity Dress

Black and white check maternity dress, Brand:- Pea in a Pod, sz:-12. Sleeveless dress with collar, buttons up the front on bodice then skirt falls down to just above ankles. There is a tie that does up at the back which can loosened to allow growth.

Price:- $8.00 plus P+H           method:- paypal, money order, bank cheque, bank deposit

enquiries:- ray.fibi@hotmail.com

Knitted tunic + top

I love these styled tunics, they are so versatile. Dark grey knitted tunic (wool acrylic), brand – Expression, sz:-10, mini dress with straps and steel button. Looks great with tights or leggins or a small boot.

Top is a knitted long sleeve top, lilac in colour. Brand – Ally, sz:- medium, v-shaped neckline. Looks great with jewellery or scarf.

Price:-  Tunic = $12.00   Top:- $6.00

method:- paypal, money order, bankd cheque, bank deposit

enquiries:- ray.fibi@hotmail.com

The Dior Look

Meet my model, her name is Bitch. She may be an old dilapidated model, but she does like to look good. Bitch will be displaying many different looks for you in the coming weeks. Today she has taken on the Dior look. This look consists of a simple black skirt, a black mesh top and a black and gold belt. She has been accessories with a neutral green jacket and a white scarf with small black hearts on it. The price of these items are as follows:-

scarf – $3.00        Black Skirt:- $10.00       Black mesh top:- $6.00    Belt:- $6.00        Jacket:- $12.00

plus P+H                        Methods:- paypal, bank deposit, bank cheque, money order

Info:-  jacket (no label) medium, cotton, fully lined, long sleeves,buttons up front.

             Black mesh top, brand – Miss Shop, sz:-10 sleeveless

             Black skirt:- (no label) sz:-10 zip and button at back

enquiries:- ray.fibi@hotmail.com

What is style?

Watching the fashion channel last night as I could not get off to sleep. There were some absolutely beautiful gowns that had been ushered down the runway. This posed the question of “WHAT IS STYLE?” While there may have been many who would have oohed and aaahed at these dresses, there no doubt would have been those who are not into such fashions (even though in my mind they would have to be blind). To some I guess style is a pair of torn jeans or some concoction they co-ordinated incoherently. Just think of Helena Bonham Carter at the oscars who wore one red shoe and one green shoe. If that is her thing then good luck to her.

I guess for me style means the co-ordination of an outfit so that it works as a whole. I was brought from the old book where the shoes and handbag had to match the outfit. Thank god this has now change enabling for an outfit to stand out. By the same token I certainly would not consider an ensemble that is dark purple in colour that has been co-ordinated with a green, red or yellow accessories and some really weird shoes and hairstyle to be the best choice.

What is style to you??

Girls knitted Vest, brand – Billabong, sz:- 8, v-shaped neckline, with rainbow colours, in pristine condition.

Price:- $10.00 plus P+H         method:- paypal, money order, bank deposit, bank cheque

enquiries:- ray.fibi@hotmail.com

Bargain of the Week

3 x mini skirts, pre-owned but in really good condition.

skirt 1 – beige chequered skirt, pleated, brand – Girl Express, sz: 10, zip at side of skirt

skirt 2 – black skirt with white polka dots, fold over waist line, no zips or buttons, just slip on. Brand – Junior Zone, sz:- 16

skirt 3 – black and white cheque, (winter) has it’s own built in belt with brass buckle. pockets on front, brand – Valley Girl, sz:-12

Price:- $6.00 plus P+H                     method:- paypal, money order, bank cheque, bank deposit

enquiries:- ray.fibi@hotmail.com

Green singlet dress, brand – Simone Turpin, sz:- 14, a lightweight dress that can be accessorised or worn simply on it’s own. Great for beach wear. Dress falls to just above knees and material is stretchy. This is a new garment

Black Embroider shirt – This also is a new garment with tags. Brand – JV Selection, sz:- 10 lightweight crinkly material with 3/4 sleeves and that buttons up the front. Foral embroidery comes down the front where button area is.

Price:- singlet dress = $7.00            Shirt:-  $8.00 plus P+H

methods:- paypal, money order, bank deposit, bank cheque

enquiries;- ray.fibi@hotmail.com